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Circulation Policy

Patron Responsibility:

Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out on their library cards and for any charges incurred. Temporary or permanent suspension of library privileges pursuant to 182.670(2) of the Revised Statutes of the State of Missouri will be determined by the library director in consultation with the library’s Board of Trustees.

  1. A valid photo ID is required to register for a library card.
  2. Patrons must complete a 60-day probationary period before receiving a full-privilege card.
  3. Probationary periods may be extended if patrons accumulate fines over $5.00 during the probationary period.
  4. Patrons should notify the library of lost or stolen cards. Items checked out on a card that is not reported lost or stolen are the responsibility of the patron.
  5. Patrons should notify the library of changes to their contact information. The library is not responsible for undelivered notices.
  6. Borrowing privileges, computer usage, and Wi-Fi usage will be suspended if an individual has outstanding fees over $5.00.
  7. A library card should be presented to check out items.

Loan Periods and Fines:

Note: Temporary limits on the number of items, loan periods, and renewals may be set at the library’s discretion.

  1. Most materials have a 3-week check out period.
  2. DVDs and equipment such as fishing poles, cake pans, activity backpacks, and microscope sets have a 1-week check out period.
  3. Text and/or email overdue notices shall be sent out in the following sequence:
    1. 3-day courtesy notice
    2. 7-day overdue notice
    3. 30-day overdue notice
    4. 42-day overdue notice, at which time the item is marked LOST
  4. Overdue fees are $0.20/item/day for all materials except for magazines and children’s books which are $0.10/item/day.
  5. There is a one-day grace period for overdue materials.
  6. Overdue fines are not charged for days on which the library is closed, including holidays and snow days.
  7. Overdue fines shall not exceed the replacement cost of the item.
  8. Overdue fines stop when the bill for replacement is charged or the item is returned.
  9. Bill for replacement and a processing fee will be charged for items marked lost or damaged.
  10. Holds which are not picked up within the allotted time will accrue a $0.50 fine.


  1. Out-of-County library cards are $20/year.
  2. Patrons will be charged for lost and/or damaged items.
  3. Refunds for lost items which have been paid for will only be given when items are returned in good condition within 30 days of payment. A receipt is required for refund.
  4. Replacement cards are $2.00 each.

Suspension of Account:

  1. Borrowers with more than $5.00 in fines will have their library privileges suspended until all materials are returned and/or paid in full.
  2. Payment plans are available upon request.


  1. Probationary patrons may not request materials outside of the system.
  2. Items will be kept on the hold shelf for seven days.
  3. Fines will accrue on holds which are not picked up.
  4. Items cannot be reserved for a specific date.
  5. Materials not owned by Ozark Regional Library may not be available for holds within six months of publication date.
  6. DVDs are not available to borrow from outside of the system.
  7. Patrons with fines of $5.00 or more may not request materials from outside of the system.


  1. One renewal is allowed on items unless the item is new or a hold has been placed on the item.
  2. Overdue fines should be paid at the time of renewal.
  3. Renewals extend the loan period for an additional amount of time equal to the original loan period.
  4. Renewal dates are based on the date renewed, not on the original due date.
  5. Patrons may renew items online, in person, or over the phone.


  1. Copier—$0.25/copy: Limit of 50 copies/day
  2. Two-sided copies are $0.50/copy
  3. Public computer printer—$0.15/copy: Limit of 100 copies
  4. Two-sided printer copies are $0.30
  5. Fax—$1.00/page
  6. Self-scanning is free—scanning done by staff is $0.25/scan
  7. Tax forms printed by staff are $0.25/each

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